Ben’s Independent Grocer


This post is going to be about our day trip to Ben’s Independent Grocer at Publika. I have been there several times before but each time was a discovery experience for me. It was perhaps due to my growing awareness and knowledge about food over the years. The first time was for me to discover Greek Yogurt (this was before they were sold in regular supermarket), the second time was to discover… I forgot, it was a long time ago, lol. The third time today was for us to discover the extensive range of fresh produce offered. And the one that had me gaped at most was this ripe, juicy, red, plump, shiny tomatoes.

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It literally felt like I found GOLD.

I had always complained about how difficult it was to find imported tomatoes in Malaysia. I guess I can stop complaining now and just drive 50 minutes into KL to get these whenever I feel like making pizzas. I can totally see myself doing it. I have been using passata (that I can get from Jaya Grocer or Cold Storage) for the best pizza base until now but there will always be this nagging voice in my head saying, “how do you know passata is the best base for your pizza if you never try these tomatoes?”

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Zucchini and Roselle

I have seen zucchinis before but not roselle, or nectarine, or persimmon, or passion fruit in the supermarket that I have been before. Each discovery made me even more excited to see what was next. I wished that I was just as excited meeting them here as I was meeting the tomatoes. I have yet to taste them or try any recipe with them.

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We also stumbled upon this salt that made me laugh today. For a non-Halal product to be named so straightly honest, and being mindful and respectful towards the Muslim shopper at the same time-I don’t know about you but I found it hilarious. I am not saying that that was the purpose they name it that way but I don’t see any other explanation for it!

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Garam means salt.

We left the store with Butterscotch beer and Greek yogurt in my hand. I regret my decision for the beer straightly after I taste them. They didn’t taste any different to an A&W root beer. I did got my hope high thinking it would taste whatever I think Butterbeer would taste like. But at a whopping RM6.95, it was a disappointment in their own taste itself.


2 thoughts on “Ben’s Independent Grocer

  1. So what did you think of the Greek yogurt? I know that it is one thing that I eat all the time back home but have rarely found on this trip (except while I was in the Balkans, and then you get the good homemade stuff!).


    • It’s quite different from the yogurt I am used too but I have yet to taste other brands. The brand I bought that day is Sunglo. I am not used to the taste yet but it tasted good. Will definitely try the homemade stuff if I ever get to Balkan! 😀


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