Flood Disaster Relief


My beloved country Malaysia was recently hit by a major flood that is currently affecting almost every region in the country. Several photos have already went viral in Facebook of Malaysians showing the devastation of the most badly hit region. Affected number of victims are currently at 12,000. Helps are coming their way, however, given the circumstances, some helicopters are having problems to send out supplies and also to help carry the victims from out of the floods. MyBanjir, a community service, has been set up by MaGIC to build a more effective communication for the distribution of emergency supplies and rescue effort of victims that are in life-threatening situation. News and updates are pouring in the website as I wrote this. Therefore, I would appreciate it very much if you give the site a look and help in anyway you can. Some relief supply center are even open for 24 hours.


4WD vehicles are needed to deliver the supplies to the victims in hard to reach places. Please contact my friend here https://www.facebook.com/samtitan if you are willing to help them.


Some examples of list of supplies that are needed in specific places. If you are nearby or willing to help please contact the suitable channels that are in the site of MyBanjir.


The affected regions.


2 thoughts on “Flood Disaster Relief

  1. The flood incident this time is one of the worst in history. I hope the people would have the faith and strength to carry on with their life. Meanwhile, its heart warming to see our fellow Malaysians unite and trying to help these victims.


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